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For product questions pertaining to our quark, click here. 

For all common online store and home delivery questions, see below:

"Is there an order minimum?"
Yes, we have a two-case minimum.

"Can I customize the flavors in my 8-pack? Do you offer variety packs?"
We don’t offer customization at this time; however, we have two delicious variety packs available that you can choose from:

  • The Bestsellers Variety Pack: 2 Plain, 2 Vanilla Bean Coconut, 2 Blueberry, 2 Strawberry.
  • The Fan Favorite Variety Pack: 2 Coffee, 2 Black Cherry, 2 Raspberry, 2 Lemon.

"Where do you ship?"
We ship only within the U.S. to all 48 states! We do not offer shipping to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico at this time.

"When will my shipment arrive?"
Currently, orders are fulfilled Tuesday through Thursday. To assure freshness of our products we ship via FedEx Priority Overnight, which guarantees that your Wünder quark will arrive within 24 hours after it has been shipped. Shipments cannot be in transit over the weekend so we are not able to deliver your package on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or a FedEx holiday. If you have immediate questions in regards to your order, please feel free to text us at (917) 780-4491 with your order number.

"Will my Wünder quark arrive fresh or frozen?"
Your Wünder quark order will arrive fresh and cool to the touch, not frozen. To guarantee your quark stays fresh, please be sure to move the product into the fridge upon its arrival. 

"Can I order large 24oz containers? If so, for which flavors?"
Yes! Our line currently only offers Plain quark in the large 24oz tub which comes in a case of 6.

"Why are the prices higher online than at the grocery store?"
In order to safely ship perishable products we need to use insulated packaging and ice packs for temperature control. Each package is expertly assembled to order by hand. This extra TLC is the reason the prices on our online store are higher than what you may find in your local store.

"How long will my products last after the arrival of the shipment?"
We pledge that all products will be fresh for at least 30 days upon arrival to make sure you have enough time to enjoy your Wünder quark.

"What do you use to keep the product cool in transit?"
We think the earth is a pretty special place (our delicious quark is made with milk from grass-fed cows, after all) and we want to do our best to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint. So to keep your quark cold and ice packs frozen, we use insulated box liners made from recycled cotton or Green Cell Foam, depending on the size of your order, which are both 100% biodegradable. The ice packs are reusable, so keep them in the freezer or defrost them at room temperature.

"Do you accept returns?"
Due to the perishable nature of the product, we do not accept returns. If you have an issue with your order, or our quark hasn't met your expectations, please reach out to us at hello@wundercreamery.com or text (917) 780-4491  and we'd be happy to help make it right! 

"My order has not arrived, yet the tracking status shows that it has been delivered."
In a rare event that the shipment is not at your doorstep yet the tracking shows that it has been delivered, double-check to see if the shipping address you have entered in the order confirmation email is correct. Check the area outside of your home or apartment building; FedEx drivers typically try to find the safest spot to leave the package if they are not able to reach the recipient. Wünder cannot be responsible for package loss due to unavailable recipient or incorrect address information or theft. We are not able to change the address or cancel an order once the package has shipped. If you are sending this as a gift (how wünderful of you!), please ensure your recipient will be at their home on the arrival day. 

"Help! The cups arrived broken."
While we try our best to pack each order with lots of care, unfortunately we have little control over its journey to you. If your order arrived with some damaged or broken cups, please discard them. Let us know about the damage by reaching out to us directly via email hello@wundercreamery.com or text (917) 780-4491.